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Talk Therapy for
Working Women

A pathway to balance and resilience

Are you struggling to manage the stress of being a working mom or a female breadwinner – in addition to managing your household, children, parents, partnership, and friendships? 


Do you find it difficult to prioritize your own needs and desires, or maybe even struggle to remember what those are?


Have you found yourself wanting more from life than what you currently have - even though you already have accomplished so much?


Maybe you expected that you could do it all yourself, and are now discovering how frustrating and lonely that road can be…


Let me accompany you on your journey to finding another way of being. You give so much to other areas in your life; you deserve time to focus on yourself. 

Talk therapy can help you

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Courtney Douds

Psychoanalyst and PA LCSW (CW1987414)

I have been in private practice for over 8 years, navigating the struggles and joys of owning my own business while entering into analytic training, marriage, and parenthood. 


I graduated from Widener University in 2015 with a dual Master’s degree in Social Work and Education in Human Sexuality. My undergraduate training was at Columbia College in New York. I am a Board member at the Lacanian School of Psychoanalysis, where I am a Candidate Analyst. 

The people I work with best tend to be professional women looking for a space where they can slow down their day, focus on their own needs, and fully speak their mind to a nonjudgmental, understanding listener to work through present day conflicts and stressors as well as long standing difficulties in their relationships and families.

What to expect in our sessions...

My practice is informed by psychoanalytic theory and ethics. I will encourage you to say whatever comes to mind in your sessions, so that you may experience the freedom of being able to speak - and hear yourself - in a new way. This new way of speaking and hearing can help lead to changes in your life in areas where you feel stuck, lonely, or frustrated. 


I position you as the expert on your life and your psyche. Rather than give you advice or opinions you could get from a friend or coach, I will help you rediscover your desire and support you in pursuing it to the fullest. Along with the current issues that have led you to seek out treatment, we will focus on your dreams, your childhood, your family of origin, your fantasies and hopes for your life and what is holding you back from them. 


My goal is to accompany you on a pathway to a freedom and satisfaction that only you can define for yourself. 

Office Policies

My practice is fully telehealth, allowing the flexibility and convenience to connect at a time and place that works for you during your busy day. I offer video sessions to anyone in Pennsylvania.


I work with both individuals and couples, and offer a free, one-hour consultation that can be booked online using the scheduling buttons on this page. 


Individual sessions are $170

Couples sessions are $200


I am not in network with any insurance providers, but I can provide superbills for out-of-network reimbursement.

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