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Are you ready to try the talking cure?

& Couples Coaching
Courtney Douds, LCSW

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Reaching out when you need help can be difficult - you’re already struggling! Let’s talk about it. You’ll have my undivided attention as we work together to help you heal and live the life you want. You deserve to be heard.
People I work best with are often looking to...
  • Get unstuck from troubling patterns with their families, romantic relationships, or career

  • Heal from painful experiences, including breakups, assaults, and other traumas

  • Prepare for, improve, and/or process time spent with family
    (especially around the holidays)

  • Make a major life decision - and be satisfied with the choice

  • Gain insight into one’s motivations and inner life

read more about my style here

You can always expect my undivided attention, complete confidentiality, and nonjudgmental approach, whether we are meeting by phone or online video. Take the first step and schedule your first, free session if you are ready to start your journey - you don’t have to make it alone.
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