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Unruffled Unconscious

Psychoanalysis & Couples Coaching
with Courtney Douds
by video or phone

You're an insightful, intelligent, introspective person. You already know what you're struggling with, but you can't seem to change it on your own.

You don't need a worksheet, coping skill, or breathing exercise. You don't need to see someone who is going to tell you what you've already heard, or could easily find online or in a class. 

You need to speak to someone other than a friend, parent, or partner - someone who can occupy a place in your life unlike any other you encounter.

Someone who will listen for the unconscious in your speech, helping you to hear the desire in you that until now has been a stranger.

You want to explore your dreams, your fantasies, your failures, your slips of the tongue - but especially the unconscious reasons you can't give up the thing you know is causing you to suffer.

You wish to speak and feel without censoring yourself, without holding back, without fearing that what you share will offend, scandalize, or traumatize the person who listens to you.

Your symptoms didn't appear overnight, and you expect it to take consistent, challenging work to rid yourself of them.

You wish for a new, lasting way of being in the world. 

You are ready to begin psychoanalysis.
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Welcome. I’m Courtney Douds, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Lacanian Psychoanalyst practicing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. My practice is guided by the theories and techniques developed by Sigmund Freud and Jacques Lacan and beyond, as well as the knowledge and experience gained from my own personal analysis. My analytic training continues at the Lacanian School of Psychoanalysis, where I have served on the Board since 2021 and have been a member since 2016. I further my knowledge through readings, seminars, conferences, and meetings with my peers in our Philly Local Unconsciously Oriented Therapists Support (PLUOTS) group. In addition to my clinical work, I am a wildlife educator and an outreach volunteer with Project Safe

I look forward to hearing from you.
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Psychoanalysis is an intensive experience that aims at unconscious change, structurally shifting entrenched patterns of behavior rooted in family of origin dynamics, trauma, and other past experiences that still shape your present day. This work is especially helpful if you are becoming or already are a clinician yourself, or if you find that symptoms such as anxiety, depression, or repeated self-destructive patterns are preventing you from pursuing the life you want.

Couples Coaching

Couples coaching focuses on the relationship between you and your partner(s). As a neutral third party, I can help you and your partner better understand each other by fostering your listening and communication skills. If you are coming to these sessions during a moment of crisis in your relationship, we will either work to repair trust or determine if one or both parties are ready to end the relationship. I am interested in helping couples explore and expand their romantic and sexual lives together, and especially enjoy helping couples open their relationship by setting healthy boundaries and working through insecurities and challenges that may arise.

Psychoanalytic Therapy

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Psychoanalytic therapy is focused on connecting current patterns of behavior to past experiences, providing emotional support, and changing behaviors in order to cope better with the inevitable anxieties and stressors of everyday life. You may want this type of therapy if you are looking to explore your sexuality or identity, dealing with a difficult breakup, or making a difficult decision about your relationship or career.

LCSW Supervision


If you are working towards your own clinical licensure as a social worker, marriage and family therapist, or licensed professional counselor in Pennsylvania and are looking for psychoanalytically oriented supervision, we may be a good fit to work together. I have had my LCSW since 2017 and have been in private practice working with individuals and couples since 2016. I can support you in conceptualizing and troubleshooting difficult moments in your own cases, and offer guidance around navigating the benefits and risks of agency work and private practice from my own experience.

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Couples Coaching & LCSW Supervision
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License, Education, Associations

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

PA, #CW019618

Candidate Analyst, Board Member, Secretary, Web Coordinator

Lacan School of Psychoanalysis

PLUOTS Group Member

Philly Local Unconsciously Oriented Therapist Support Group

Harm Reduction Outreach Volunteer

Project Safe

Masters of Social Work

Masters of Education in Human Sexuality

Widener University, Philadelphia, PA

Bachelors of English and Comparative Literature

Bachelors of Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology

Columbia University, New York, NY

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Education & Associations
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Location, Availability, Fees

Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Available anywhere for phone or video sessions


Individual Sessions: $170

Couples Sessions: $200

I am able to provide superbills for out of network benefit reimbursement

Call, email, or use the button below

to schedule your free consultation and begin our work together

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Fees & Availability
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